Hey guys, although we no longer do Aeroplay any more, someone requested that I put up another sponsor link since this website still gets so many hits.


Armor of God (AOG) Sneek Peek!

Ok, so we haven’t posted in a while, but we’ve got a really cool sneek peek of one of our games (it’s one of our “biggys”).  First though, we need to give you a little update:

  • Our other mini games are coming along great
  • FSS is being delayed until we finish AOG
  • We are working on Krainn, Clay 2, and Pizzle Puzzle

Here’s the Sneak Peak on the MMORPG:

User starts as someone who only has a dagger and a leather coat. User completes missions from God (these missions are based on the Bible) and he gains more and more faith “coins” which he can buy a piece of the armor of God with. I would like this to not only encourage but include memorizing scripture and Bible reference in game play. You will be able to fight evil in missions by using the armor of God in scripture and collect coins to gain pieces of the Armor of God. After the user completes all of the missions and has all of the armor of God, he can help other players in the game complete their missions…..

More sneak peaks coming!

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We’ve decided to remove most deadlines for games for the time being until we have a larger team. We’re still working on Pizzle, Krainn, Clay 2, FSS, and the online multiplayer (we decided to re-brainstorm for it to come up with a better story and concept) We’ll be posting some concept art for games like FSS very soon, so keep checking back!

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New Template

Yep, new template, as well as a new organization list. We hope you like the template–if you don’t, you can just point out places to improve it or just say upfront that you want us to change it. We always have your best wishes in our mind! Also, we have three bloggers now, so you don’t know who I am…anyway, comment on this post if you have any questions and/or comments.

Our new game idea will be released very soon!

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New Big Game Coming

We are starting to develop a big game and we have lots of ideas for it.  It will be in 3d and in 3rd person view.  Currently we are generating ideas for the game.  But we will have more updates on this soon such as theme, environment, game play, and eventually screen shots!  We have 3d capabilities and soon we might be able to convert it into a mmog if we felt like it should be.


– Aeroplay


Yeah, we’re Aeroplay now. And I’m happy about it because instead of having the confusion over “Para Pro” and the address “ParaPro” we now just have a one-word name. Anyway, our new address is, and if you go to then you’ll just get linked back to here. So we hope you all had a chance at voting, and overall we had 41 votes. Only two people actually voted for “Other”, and Aeroplay got 19 votes, and the runner-up, bluNitro, had 9 votes. So Aeroplay won by a landslide!

From now on, we are going to work even harder than ever to bring you good quality games, and eventually we will have an MMOG out for you all to play. We’re also growing (just a couple of weeks ago, we were a company of five, now we’re eight!) and we’ve had this company now for about a year (we started it in April ’08). We hope to improve the forums this year, our graphics, and make lots and lots of games! See you all around next time.

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P.S. We decided to put up the results a bit early because the answer was inevitable….

Krainn Update

Well, after problems with a lot of glitches in Krainn, we’ve decided to make the game more like wOne (click here to play) by Sean Cooper. Instead of having the gear, which was really glitchy, we’ve decided to only have the ball. The goal of each level will be to try and climb all the way up the the top of the level where the exit will be. One catch: you have to be careful and watch your fuel level! If it gets down too far you’ll have to restart the level. Get the food to keep going! The trick is to get your momentum going fast enough that you will be able to bounce all over the level and make it to the end.

This will be a fun little game, but also pretty challenging. We hope it’ll be fun enough to come back to (one of our staff members played one level for about 30 minutes before getting tired of it! Now that’s dedication). The game overall should have about 25 hard levels, as well as an extra 5 co-op. All levels will be unlockable (unlock Capsule, where you had to beat the entire world to get to the next unlockable). This will allow you to easily leave the game for a bit and come back right where you left off. We will have a special beta test for you guys released here soon.

Best Regards,

-Para Pro

P.S. It looks like Aeroplay is winning!